Why Stan Lee Is Happy Spider-Man Is In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Not surprisingly, it turns out that comic book legend Stan Lee is also very excited to see Spidey swinging across the big screen with many of his other creations and more.

Speaking with Comicbook.com at the Marvel Gillete event, Lee, who created the character in 1962 with artist Steve Ditko, was asked if he was happy to see Spider-Man at home in the MCU, and he responded that it’s always great to see as many of these superheroes together. According to Lee:

Of course, the more we can get them all together like the Avengers, it’s fun. And the public, they love those kinds of movies. And so do I.

When the news broke that Sony and Marvel had worked out a deal to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans were understandably excited. After years of the Wall-Crawler going at it solo on the big screen, he’ll finally have the opportunity to team up alongside other Marvel heroes while also getting a fresh start in a new series. When Lee was asked if he would have liked to have seen Marvel keep Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, he admitted that both Garfield and his predecessor Tobey Maguire did great jobs playing the Web-Slinger. He continued that Spider-Man might just be "an easy role to play," and went on to playfully speculate that he might get a chance to one day play Uncle Ben. Please, no. No more Uncle Ben. We've been down that road too many times before.

While Marvel and Sony will likely go with a more established actor to play Peter’s uncle if they choose to feature Ben again, one thing is certain: Marvel will certainly give Lee a cameo in the new Spider-Man film. His cameos in the previous five Spider-Man movies include saving a fellow pedestrian from falling debris in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, chatting with Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3, working as the school librarian in The Amazing Spider-Man and attending Peter’s high school graduation in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. One can only imagine how the comic book veteran will be sneaked into the next movie.

Spider-Man will reportedly make his MCU debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War before headlining his new solo film on July 28, 2017. Depending on what Marvel’s game plan is, there’s always the possibility that the new live-action Spidey could be included in one of the Avengers: Infinity War films, which would fulfill Lee’s wish of seeing him team up with the Avengers, like in the comics.

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