This Wolf Of Wall Street 'F' Word Supercut Is Hilarious, Surprisingly Safe For Work

Back when Martin Scorsese unleashed his decadent, no-holds-barred Oscar nominee, The Wolf of Wall Street, on a holiday movie crowd, the film was celebrated for its foul mouth and dirty mind. In fact, we reported that the film set a record for the amount of curse words used (as well as becoming Scorsese’s highest-grossing film to date). But what if we told you you could see a Safe For Work supercut of The Wolf of Wall Street’s "F" words. That’s right! Bring the kids around the computer, rank up the volume, and play the above clip. We’re not kidding. It’s safe.

Get it?

Fine, fine. It’s a gag. But a pretty clever one posted by ScreenJunkies – the guys who are best known for bringing the Honest Trailer approach to massively popular movies. In fact, they gave The Wolf of Wall Street the Honest Trailer treatment a few weeks back. That clip probably inspired this "F" word joke. It looked something like this.

The "F" word take on The Wolf of Wall Street is legitimately funny, showing us a different side of Martin Scorsese’s filthy epic. (Hey, another "F" word!) My favorite (there we go again) has to be Matthew McConaughey’s "Fugazi, fugazi. Fairy dust. Follow?" It’s somewhat of a shame that McConaughey will best be remembered for winning the Oscar this year for Dallas Buyers Club, overshadowing his truly bizarre turn in Wolf. In fact, I mostly forget that McConaughey is even IN The Wolf of Wall Street until he pops up in a retrospective clip like this, pounding his chest and chanting in Leonardo DiCaprio’s face. Tootskie?

Montages like this can only continue now that Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street has made its way to home video. Fans can chop it up, rework it, and come up with clever approaches to the overlong drama. Because Lord knows, the movie needed a few edits here and there.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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