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We’ve gradually been seeing more and more of the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe, though it doesn’t kick off in earnest until next year with director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One of the things we’re most curious to see out of that film is the first appearance of a new version of Wonder Woman, and while we still have a while to wait still, we’ve got a look at the fierce Amazonian warrior thanks to some hot off the presses concept art. Check it out below.

#HH #EXCLUSIVE #HOT #WONDERWOMAN #promo #art from #BatmanvSuperman! Doesn't she look fresh next to my new logo? BOOM!

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As with so many things of this ilk, this new image comes from Umberto Gonzalez’s Instagram account, which has been the source of tons of superhero movie news lately. Just last night, he dropped the latest look at the Batwing. People have spent a lot of time wondering how Gal Gadot will fit into the role of Wonder Woman, and while this is just concept art, the character looks fearsome as all hell, and she does not look like someone to trifle with. We also get a good look at her traditional red, blue, and gold outfit, though this iteration certainly looks more like armor than some versions.

We know that she’s scheduled for her own solo joint in 2017, but right now we’re not sure exactly how much screen time Gadot and Wonder Woman will get in Dawn of Justice. Does she play a large role, or are we talking a cameo that just gives fans something to cheer about in the theater?

Wonder Woman’s standalone film encountered a setback earlier on in this month, as the standard "creative differences" caused a split between director Michelle MacLaren and Warner Bros. When MacLaren left, her spot wasn’t vacant for long, however, and the studio tapped Patty Jenkins, who was once attached to helm Thor: The Dark World, to take her place. The reason later given for the conflict was that MacLaren wanted to make an epic origin story comparable to Braveheart, while the studio was after something more character driven.

There have been recent repots that Warner Bros. is having trouble figuring out how to successfully fit Wonder Woman into their film world. Last year, the studio reportedly hired five different writers, handed each of them a treatment, and had them, working separately, create the first act of a script based on those. One source said it "felt like they were throwing shit against the wall to see what stuck."

Hopefully now that Jenkins has the helm, and we’re moving ever closer towards the launch of the DC Universe, they’ll have a handle on this in short order. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016, while Wonder Woman is scheduled to drop on June 23, 2017.

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