Wonder Woman May Cast Two Major Villains, Get The Details

While we’re still waiting for Princess Diana to make her DC film debut in next summer’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Brothers is still moving full speed ahead on the Wonder Woman movie. With production planning to begin in November, it’s time to get to casting the rest of the players and word is they already have their eye on two great actors to play two great villains. Eva Green as Circe, the Sorceress and Sean Bean as Ares, the God of War.

Heroic Hollywood has broken the rumor and apparently some parts of it are more reliable than others. While the studio is interested in Bean and Green, they have not signed on and it's unclear if there have actually been talks with either. However, it does look like these are the villains that we'll see in the movie.

Eva Green has been putting together a pretty solid resume on TV and in the movies of late. Her role in 300:Rise of an Empire by itself looks like a resume to play a Wonder Woman villain. Circe is a sorceress who is capable of doing pretty much anything with magic. She can transform men into animals or transform herself into somebody strong enough to go up against Wonder Woman. She also has siren like abilities as she can magically attract and seduce men. We're pretty sure Green can pull that off. Our only fear would be that since we haven’t actually seen Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman yet, we’re afraid the hero might not be able to hold her own against Green on screen. If Wonder Woman ends up being as awesome as we want her to be then these two going head to head could be phenomenal.

Sean Bean as Ares, the God of War is another strong choice, even if it does predict Ares death at the end of the film. The man who was Ned Stark and Boromir should be able be a great God of War. Although, it is a bit of a demotion, as he played Zeus previously in the first Percy Jackson movie. DC's version of Ares is a god interested in plunging the world into eternal war. It's to combat this that Aphrodite creates the Amazon race, essentially making Ares the archenemy of Wonder Woman.

The two characters make sense as Wonder Woman’s first enemies since both are based on Greek mythological characters, and Wonder Woman herself draws much of her own history, as an Amazon, from the same place, so it would make sense to make her first antagonists come from that world. While we don’t know much about the script, what we have heard implies that the film will be some sort of origin story, so the enemies fit.

We’ll keep our eyes on this rumor to see if anything comes of it. If true it makes us even more excited for the Wonder Woman film. How about you?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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