The Wonder Woman Movie Will Go In A Different Direction Than We Thought

In 2017, the Wonder Woman movie should prove to be a rather major event. Starring Gal Gadot in the titular role, the solo film will be the first live-action feature about the legendary comic book character, and the movie should play a huge role in further establishing the growing DC Cinematic Universe. But what can we actually expect to see unfold plot-wise? Well, if new rumors can be believed, the story will be delivering an origin for the Amazonian demigod that will go in a very different direction than you are probably expecting.

Warning: What follows may be considered spoilers to some (if it actually turns out to be true). If you don't wish to know any big details about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, please click on another one of our site's wonderful articles!

This new information comes from unnamed sources over at Bleeding Cool who clam to have read the greenlit treatment for the Wonder Woman movie at Warner Bros. According to the rumor, the first half of the film will be set on Paradise Island (Wonder Woman's home) where factions have gone to war over political control. This chaos is interrupted by the arrival of a man (possibly not Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor) who pleads the Amazonians for help, and changes the culture just with his presence. Eventually, Wonder Woman (or, really, Princess Diana at that point) agrees to join him to the return home - and it's at this point that the audience learns that the story is set in the 1920s. Given that this was an era utterly lacking in any kind of gender equality, it presents an interesting culture clash that Diana will have to overcome.

Going forward with future Wonder Woman sequels, the rumored idea would be to advance the character through World War II in Wonder Woman 2 and then have her be a part of the modern era by Wonder Woman 3. Of course, we'll also be seeing plenty of the modern version in films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the two announced Justice League films.

If true, this would certainly be a very interesting direction for the character. When it was revealed earlier this month that the big screen Wonder Woman would retain her demigod status, many drew comparisons between her and The Avengers' Thor, but this new development may actually make Captain America a closer comparison. After all, the Marvel character got the period movie treatment too with Captain America: The First Avenger, and has also had to deal with fish out of water scenarios after being frozen for decades. Of course, I hope that the similarities remain limited, as Wonder Woman has a chance to be a wholly different kind of superhero movie.

What do you think about this possible direction for the Wonder Woman movie and its sequels?

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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