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For years and years, Batman and Superman have been the main focus of attention when it comes to DC Comics movies, but that era is officially coming to an end. The expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe means that all kinds of characters are going to now get their time in the spotlight – and that very much includes Wonder Woman. In fact, the Amazonian’s solo film has now entered production, and thanks to its star we have our first look:

Actress Gal Gadot was clearly very excited to post this brand new image on her personal Twitter page, and while this isn’t our first look at the DC Cinematic Universe’s version of Wonder Woman (thanks to the marketing for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), it’s still pretty great. It’s a bit hard to believe that it’s taken this long for a movie to be made about Princess Diana of Themyscira, but we’re just thankful that it is.

The 75 years that Gal Gadot mentions in her Tweet is presumably a reference to the amount of time that it’s taken for Wonder Woman to finally star in her own film – though her math is a bit off given that the character made her first appearance in December 1941. That being said, by the time the movie actually comes out it will have been 76 years since Diana’s introduction, so we’ll just overlook it.

Wonder Woman is being directed by Patty Jenkins (who was once attached to take the helm of Thor: The Dark World), and while we’re not quite sure if the casting process is done just yet, the movie already seems to have some great actors in place. Joining Gal Gadot in the cast will be Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, and it’s also been reported that Nicole Kidman and Saïd Taghmaoui will have roles to play as well (their characters have not yet been confirmed). Jason Fuchs (Pan, Ice Age: Continental Drift) wrote the screenplay for the project, and while few details have been officially confirmed, it’s been said that it will be a period film that is set decades before the events seen in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now that Wonder Woman has begun filming, it’s likely that we will continue to hear updates about it from the set – so stay tuned for more news. In the meantime, sit patiently at count down the days until Jun 23, 2017.