This Wonderful Video Explains Everything Wrong With Lucy

On the bright side, Lucy was a surprise hit at last summer's box office, and it solidified the fact that Scarlett Johansson is a box office draw – Marvel movie or not. But on the not so bright side is the fact that Lucy is a film that's on par with any other mindless action film when it comes to the intelligence it displays. You can see this flaw, and many others, hilariously picked on in this new video.

Thanks to Cinema Sins, we now have a very through analysis of just how ridiculous of a film Lucy actually is - if you take it at face value. Whether it's spreading the scientific inaccuracy that "we only use 10% of our brain," or the fact that Lucy can actually fly/levitate by using her powers – yet she's still bound to the typical methods of air travel, the ever-keen series takes this film apart piece by piece. The results are not only the trademark blend of funny and bluntly honest commentary that Cinema Sins trades in, they're also combined to make one of the longer entries in the series.

Perhaps the most egregious sin Lucy has committed is the fact that it treats science and logic on a whole like an after thought - a mere suggestion in the scheme of things. While no one thought they were buying a ticket to Primer when they decided to see Lucy, a good portion of the audience were most certainly were expecting the basic level of logic and reason found in... well, in a comic book movie. And while we're on the subject of this film abusing its audience's trust, this movie looks like it really leans on the natural trust the audience has in Morgan Freeman to sell most of the ridiculous "facts" it's built into its core logic.

Even funnier than Lucy's internal logic being picked apart, Cinema Sins makes some really funny parallels with previous Scarlett Johansson films, particularly Her and Under The Skin. In fact, if you really wanted to sum this film up with comparisons to other films, those are the only two films you really need. It's not hard to think that the end of the film where Lucy transforms herself into a USB drive/universal computer signal isn't a logical jumping off point that leads to our protagonist helping Joaquin Phoenix's Ted find digital love in a hipster future of Spike Jonze's design. Also, while it may have been completely ridiculous, at least Her had more logic in its floppy drive than Lucy ever pretended to have.

Lucy is now available for your own personal torture/entertainment on Blu Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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