Writer Hired For Guinness Book Of World Records Movie

When the folks over at the Fox network decided to create Guinness Book of World Records Primetime back in 1999, it was a fairly smart idea. It was easy just to make the show as a reality program where the host would go around the world watching people set world records and talk about previous record holders. Making a movie out of it, and creating stories and characters, however, is going to be much, much more difficult, but the folks over at Warner Bros. believes that it can be a goldmine of an idea as well.

Deadline reports that the studio has hired a writer to create a film based on the annual book that celebrates strange human accomplishments. Danny Chun, who has sporadically written for both The Office and The Simpsons (in the later years of both shows) has signed a deal to pen the script. It's unknown how the movie will come together, but the plan is to make it an action adventure film that incorporates many of the famous achievements, such as "longest nose, longest fingernails and the most tattoos and piercings."

The book was first created in 1951 when a man named Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing editor of Guinness Breweries of the time, got into an argument while hunting with another man about the speed of game birds in Europe. While thinking about the argument later on, he realized that there was no reference book that had information that pub-dwellers could easily look up while arguing about various things. He eventually sent twin brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter out to find information for the tome and later the first book was created.

I honestly wish Chun the best of luck with this project because I can honestly say that I couldn't come up with a decent action-adventure script about the Guinness Book of World records if my life depended on it. Hopefully his doesn't.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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