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For as long as I've been hearing about The Passage, the book written by Justin Cronin that's being turned into a movie by Matt Reeves, the principle adjective attached to the title has been "epic." Set in a future where a cancer cure ends up turning millions of people into "indestructible, telepathic vampires," the fist script was written by John Logan, but apparently it wasn't up to snuff, so now Fox 2000 has hired a new writer, according to THR.

Jason Keller has been hired by the studio to rewrite The Passage. Though Keller doesn't has actually have a released film to his name quite yet, he has multiple projects in-development, including Marc Forster's-Machine Gun Preacher (which will be released this fall), and Tarsem Singh's untitled Snow White movie, which he co-wrote with Melissa Wallack. The Passage is being planned as the first movie in a trilogy, which Fox 2000 has been developing since it purchased the rights in 2007.

I'm always curious about a writer's process when it comes to scripting the first movie in a series. What story threads do you let hang and which ones are you sure to tie up before the end? Do you test multiple endings to find out which one works best either leading into the second story or ending it completely? These are questions that Keller will undoubtedly soon find himself asking.