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New X-Men: Apocalypse Image Shows Storm Amid Destruction

While Storm is one of the better known X-Men characters, and one we’ve gotten to know well through several of the previous movies, the Storm that we meet in X-Men: Apocalypse will be a very different story. For starters, she’s not being played by Halle Berry, but instead by Alexandra Shipp. Secondly, she won’t be playing one of our heroes, but instead one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Now, the actress has sent out a picture of herself from the set in a fairly interesting locale.

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Alexandra Shipp marked the image as behind the scenes in her Twitter post, which says that this particular picture isn’t something we will see on screen. Still, we’re sure that wherever she is, is a location that we’ll see somewhere in the film. The disaster in the background looks remarkably orderly, like she’s standing in a junkyard of some kind. Although, we have to say the actress makes standing among a lot of junk look remarkably regal. While this may be a "behind the scenes" photo, we hope she posed for it intentionally. If she stood around on the set the entire time looking like that, things may have gotten weird.

While we know that Storm will be one of the followers of Apocalypse in the film, along with Psylocke, Angel, and Magneto, we don’t really know much else about the character beyond that. She was described as having gone down the "wrong path" at one point, though that was a bit of an understatement, coming as it did before we knew she was an outright villain. Considering the importance that the character tends to play in the proper X-Men universe we’re guessing she’s the most likely among the group to question the side she has chosen. However, since the only villains given any lines in the trailers so far have been Oscar Isaac’s titular character, and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto, we know very little about the rest of the Horsemen.

While the background behind Storm doesn’t look particularly familiar when compared to the trailers for X-Men: Apocalypse, the fact is that rampant destruction seems to be surrounding pretty much everything we do see, and with a little post production work it’s possible that the image above could have been taken around the same time as the one below.

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Where does X-Men: Apocalypse fall on your comic book movie priority list? What do you think of the new, younger, Storm so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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