With X-Men: Days Of Future Past looming, Fox is pulling out all the stops to make sure you’re aware of the mega budget mutant sequel. Sometimes that means finding a branding partner in a cheap fast food chain. And sometimes that means letting fans interact with their favorite stars. Would you like to join the X-Men X-perience?

Fox needs to stretch the X-Men brand, but it also helps if they have stars to do so. Which is why they’ll be recruiting all of the film’s cast members to travel the world and pop up in a number of towns. Which ones, however, remain to be determined. The above video, via Deadline, promises that James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Hugh Jackman are the faces of the campaign, so fan girls get your squealing out of the way now. And if those hunky gents are not to your liking, the campaign will also feature Jennifer Lawrence (yes!), Peter Dinklage (cool!), Fan Bingbing (… alright!), Ian McKellan (awesome!), Patrick Stewart (awesome x2!), Ellen Page (neat), Nicholas Hoult (ok!) and Omar Sy (yeah).

And just how cute is that forced camaraderie and bonhomie? Fassbender looks like he’s just minding the clock, McAvoy is not taking any of it seriously at all, and here’s captain X-Men Hugh Jackman to save the day with his professionalism! Fans like Jackman as Wolverine, but Fox loves him, as surely no actor has done as much to push their product overseas as Jackman, And it’s totally worked, given that The Wolverine banked 68% of its grosses from foreign territories. Fox is going to lean heavily on Jackman for this final leg of the promotional tour, since they need all the good news they can get.

This world tour, which can be engaged with use of the hash tag #XMenLive, will be hitting all over the world, stopping in London, Moscow, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Melbourne. This will be happening shortly after the New York premiere (because New York is the center of the universe!), with the cast disbanding and heading to these different locations. It’s probably random, though like the casting, it won’t be arbitrary. Fan Bingbing is a huge star in Chinese cinema, and was even a part of that Chinese cut of Iron Man 3. And Sy was the star of The Intouchables, which grossed an astounding $416 million OUTSIDE of the U.S. Damn, Bishop, you’re blowing up worldwide!

If you’re from one of these places, get in the comments section and let us know which X-Men you want to see. Or tell us one that isn’t on the tour but should be; where’s our beloved Daniel Cudmore??

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