First Look At X-Men: Days Of Future Past's Quicksilver... Eating A Bacon Sandwich

Quicksilver is a character appearing in two mega blockbusters within the next year. In 2015, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray the speedster in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but before then Evan Peters is going to get his shot as the character in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. But even BEFORE that, we have this commercial for Carl's Jr... which is actually the first demonstration of the hero's powers in action.

That's the X-Tra Bacon Eggs And Cheese Biscuit that Pierto Maximoff is digging into, and boy does it look... like a fake sandwich they ordered for an actor that needs to keep his big screen physique and probably doesn't eat at places like Carl's Jr. As far as quality food/superhero tie-ins go, this one's just as lame as Carl's Jr.'s Super Bacon Cheeseburger that was on sale in promotion of last summer's Man of Steel. I guess superheroes just love Carl's Jr.

If we're putting our supernerd hat on, this commercial makes even less sense. Last summer's Superman could logically walk into a Carl's Jr. (or a Hardee's or a Sears or an IHOP) in Smallville. Quicksilver's character pops up in the seventies and/or eighties in Days of Future Past, which likely means he could plausibly eat at a Carl's Jr. (the restaurant's name was coined in 1954). But there's no way they would have A) Served anything with that much bacon 2) Named something "x-tra" and B3) Actually had a tie-in with an X-Men movie considering the X-fellows didn't appear on the big screen until 2000. This is a real time-traveling paradox. When in continuity is this happening?? Logistically, Quicksilver eating at Carl's Jr. just wouldn't be a reality!

It's even more confusing considering that the ad has Quicksilver sitting around in a studio being photographed eating the sandwich. Why is Quicksilver in a studio eating a biscuit? His ability is super speed, he's a member of a hated and despised race, and his father is a terrorist. It seems you'd need a push harder than "2x's The Bacon" to get him to sit for a camera in a dingy studio and eat a sandwich that might actually be poison.

We're kidding, of course. It's Quicksilver! In a fast food commercial! What's not to love?

For most people, this is their introduction to the character, and it does emphasize his super speed at least. Though he was probably stealing a gaffer's drink or something, chugging that down when that grip or best boy has been slaving all day to light this mutant scum. In fact, would Carl's Jr. really go to a mutant to be a pitchman when Bolivar Trask has a contract with the government to produce robotic killing machines to eliminate the mutant problem? Any way you look at this, it is a GROSS violation of continuity. Get me Bryan Singer on the phone.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens May 23rd.