X3's Main Characters Revealed

By now, you've hopefully seen the new X-Men 3 trailer that debuted online yesterday. Everyone's full of opinions on it, but the thing doesn't really answer any questions… such as just exactly which of this ridiculously huge cast of mutants will be getting actual screen time? The number of new characters announced to be in the movie has been outrageously huge. They can't all possibly figure prominently into the film.

Well, the X3 official site offers a clue as to which characters have the biggest role in the film's script, with a character photo gallery. Here's who they think important enough to list them in their character photo gallery:

Jean Grey aka Phoenix






Professor X








Notice anyone missing? How about Mystique? She's in the trailer for an eyeblink, but apparently one blue character is enough for Fox's first batch of character photos. I'm actually surprised to see Calista in there. Does this mean that we're going to see the Morlock storyline front and center? That would make sense, since that would put the focus on Storm's character… which is where Halle Berry wants it.

A couple more things worth noting. Take a look at Cyclops. Looks a little rough. And how about Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut? Worst miscasting ever. If you saw him in the trailer, you probably didn't even know he was Juggernaut. The guy isn't big enough. He looks nothing like the character he's supposed to be playing. How about a little forced perspective to make him seem more massive or something Ranter?

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