If You're Seeing Zootopia, Make Sure To Look For These Easter Eggs

You are going to want to see Zootopia more than once. Not just because it’s fantastic (even though it really is). But also because, in classic Disney animation fashion, the animators and creators behind Zootopia have littered the backgrounds of numerous scenes with hilarious puns and clever Easter Eggs, and this is where you need to pay the closest attention.

During a recent press event in Walt Disney World, Zootopia directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore talked about the various jokes and references that they worked into the zones of Zootopia. Most of the movie takes place in an urban environment, but there are other realms – like Little Rodentia, Tundratown, and Sahara Square – that are explored by Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) as she fights to crack her first case. I asked the director where audiences should look if they want to find the best Easter Eggs, and they told me:

There is signage all over the movie. With crazy amounts of puns. There’s literally hundreds of signs, and the guy who was doing them… he was an uncontrollable pun master. His name is Marty. He’s got a problem! He went bananas. Every sign you see is Marty’s doing. … You will enjoy it.

They’re literally everywhere in the movie. You can even spot a few of them in the following image:


Need a few more hints? The directors shared a few of their favorites with me, but I’ll put them behind a spoiler warning, even though they don’t really give away any plot points.

Apparently, on billboards around Zootopia, you will find adverts for:

Trader Doe’sUrban Snout-fittersSnort’s Illustrated

The directors made it seem like Marty went overboard, but when you watch them describe the puns, they actually seem like they enjoy it! Watch for yourself:

Zootopia is in theaters as we speak, and is already off to a red-hot start at the box office. Chances are, you will be seeing it this weekend, especially if you have kids. After you see it, come back and tell us which puns, jokes and Disney Easter Eggs you saw in the finished film!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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