Young Han Solo Will Probably Be Played By One Of These 4 Actors

And then there were four. When we first heard about the casting search for the young version of Han Solo for the character’s upcoming standalone Star Wars film, it sounded like every living human between 20 and 35 was being considered. Then we heard the shortlist had been whittled down to about a dozen names. While the decision hasn’t quite been made yet, the shortlist has reportedly become even shorter.

While the exact size of the shortlist is unclear, according to The Hollywood Reporter, at least four actors were in London last week to test for the role. While three of the young performers have been on our radar previously, one appears to be an entirely new name attached to the intergalactic smuggler. Here’s a look at the top candidates for the Millennium Falcon pilot’s chair.

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If Jack Reynor has one thing going for him, it’s the fact that his has been one of the most public names attached to the Young Han Solo role. If he has one thing working against him, it’s probably the same thing. Reynor is best known for his role in the most recent Transformers movie, which does give him some experience working in special effects-laden blockbusters, which the Han Solo movie will certainly be.

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Taron Egerton’s name hasn’t come up attached to Han Solo in a long time, which is utterly shocking. Following his role in Kingsman: The Secret Service he has become one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. Studios are literally fighting with each other to get their movies made with him. The most difficult thing for Egerton would probably be finding time to actually film the thing, as he definitely has the swagger for the role.

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Emory Cohen is another name that we’ve previously heard mentioned as one under consideration for the role for a while now. Best known for his recent role in the Oscar nominee Brooklyn, the young actor has several films currently slated for this year, including Brad Pitt’s War Machine. Han Solo would be a very different role than anything the young actor has tackled to date, but that could very well be a benefit as he wouldn't come with any existing baggage.

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If there’s an actor who may have only recently entered the mix and leapfrogged several other actors in the process, it’s Alden Ehrenreich. While not a complete unknown, Ehrenreich turned a lot of heads very recently as the scene stealer in the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar. That role may have earned him his screen test all by itself, and he certainly has the charm to pull off a young Han Solo.

What do you think of this short list? If there is anybody else on it, who would you like to see considered? Which of these actors would you like to see play Han Solo?

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