Zombieland 2 And Jackass 3 Will Be In 3D

Brace yourselves because bloody zombies and grotesque stunts are going to become far more real. According to Variety, both the Zombieland sequel and the third Jackass movie will be in 3D.

With the significant boost in profits offered by 3D showings of films like Beowulf and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, studios are looking to expand their use of the format. Just a week ago, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer said he’d be on board to make another film in 3D, as long as Sony will pick up the tab. Turns out, Sony bit and we may see Tallahassee and Columbus partake in some zombie killing in 3D. Producer Gavin Polone said, "I don't think you want to see Ordinary People in 3-D. But Zombieland is clearly one movie that will benefit from (the technique)." Polone even brought up the release of 3D TVs in the spring. He expects that with this new technology, 3D movies across the board will be more in demand.

As for Jackass, it’s pretty clear why Paramount and MTV Films would opt to add a third dimension. Who wouldn’t want a closer look at someone giving themselves paper cuts? Jackass 3 is all set to begin filming on January 25th and is scheduled for a 2010 release. Dickhouse Prods. declined to comment on the shooting format, but an insider confirmed that director Jeff Tremaine will be doing some camera testing to ensure snorting wasabi or kicking yourself in the head looks good in 3D.

Zombieland cost $24 million and took in $85.2 million worldwide, while both Jackass films combined ran up a budget of just $16.5 million, taking in a massive $164.1 million worldwide. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense to make more of these films, but does it make sense to do it in 3D? Yes, it’s only adding one more dimension, but it’s an expensive one. As far as content goes, as long as filmmakers consider creating a quality film the priority, and don’t get too wrapped up in using and abusing the third dimension (::cough:: The Final Destination ::cough::), both films could benefit from the format.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.