"Two men and a 13-year-old boy embark on an R-rated vacation." This is the laughably awkward logline of comedian Danny McBride's newest feature, Clown. Based on the Danish film and television series Klovn, the story centers on a manchild named Frank and his equally stunted best bud Casper who are preparing for a debauchery-laced canoe trip they declare the "Tour de Pussy." But before the two can cast off for a weekend of sex and substance abuse, Frank discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant. Fearing he would be a train wreck of a father, she confesses she's considering giving it up. So, Frank decides to show her what a good father he can be by taking her adolescent son along on the Tour. Hilarity and a late-bloomer's coming-of-age tale are sure to ensue.

With the promise of doofus-inspired antics and plenty of irreverent humor, this setup looks to be right in McBride's comedic comfort zone, and likewise appears primed to hit the sweet spot of raunchy R-rated comedy that has proved bankable here and abroad. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has entrusted McBride not only to headline Clown, but also to pen it, an opportunity that could redeem McBride for his last scripted feature, the flopped fantasy spoof Your Highness.

McBride will also co-produce the film alongside Klovn's creators Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, as well as Hangover director Todd Phillips. With the third season of Eastbound & Down wrapped, McBride is expected to get to drafting right away, but there's no word on when Clown hopes to go into production. In the meantime, fans of the go-for-broke funnyman can enjoy the season finale of Eastbound & Down this Sunday at 10 on HBO.

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