When you've got a runaway hit like The Martian on your hands, the home video release can serve as a perfect opportunity to double your money. Enter the "Extended Edition" strategy, which in the case of Ridley Scott's resume is a fairly common occurrence. In the case of The Martian, around 10 minutes of footage was reinstated into the film. In addition to the footage that was included, there's two deleted scenes that were never even put back into the film!

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, there are actually some smaller shots and lines inserted into the film throughout, which actually help round the experience out without sacrificing the film's total package. True, these sequences aren't essential, and the pacing of the theatrical cut is preferential. However, if you want a new experience, or are such a fan of The Martian that you'd like to see what might have been, then prepare to read about the nine moments that were restored, and the two that weren't, in The Martian: Extended Edition Blu-ray. Please note that all scenes that were inserted into the Extended Edition have time codes that denote the point in the film at which they occur.

Good Morning Mars - 19:32

In the first bit of footage restored to The Martian, we see Watney wake up on one of the early days of his solitude, still gimping around after his incident. After rising and shining one morning, we still see that Mark isn't quite back to full speed just yet. This moment happens right before his inventory of the kitchen, and it's not exactly essential as we get to Mark formulating his rationing / potato farming plan that much quicker. It's small, and isn't comprised of a lot of footage, so we didn't miss too much by losing this scene.

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