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One Thing Wonder Woman Fans Won't See In Her Upcoming Movie

Wonder Woman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have served as Wonder Woman's live action, theatrical debut, but it's her solo movie next year where she'll really have the opportunity to shine. We already from reports, photos and even a little footage that Wonder Woman will be a unique entry among both the DC Extended Universe and the superhero movie genre, melding both her origins on Themyscira with her first trip to the outside world in a World War I setting. However, one element from her decades-long mythology that moviegoers won't see in the movie is her invisible jet

While going over how DC Comics is celebrating Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson told People that the invisible jet won't be gracing the screen during Wonder Woman. She explained:

It will have its own tone and look -- it's beautiful. There is humor in it, there is real emotion in Diana's journey in discovering the complexity of man. There is no invisible jet. Not in this iteration.

Wonder Woman's invisible jet debuted in 1942's Sensation Comics #1 as Diana's primary means of transportation in the days when she could only fly over short distances. Its origins have varied over the years due to continuity changes, from being an entirely Themysciran creation to being a disguised alien lifeform, but wherever it came from, it's aided her in many situations. During the 1970s Wonder Woman TV series, Lynda Carter's iteration of Diana piloted it during a few episodes in the first season, and the jet has also made appearances in Justice League Unlimited, the 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and The LEGO Movie.

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

Given that Wonder Woman takes place during World War I, it makes sense that the plane wouldn't be included. Planes had only just started being used in combat, and if Wonder Woman was piloting an invisible aircraft during that time, it would look more like a biplane rather than a sleek jet. Still, there's always the chance it could show up in one of the Justice League__movies. After all, 100 years have passed since Wonder Woman by then, and with both advanced human technology and more alien technology that could be left over from future invasions, that leaves more opportunities for it to be built. Of course, if we do get to see Diana finally fly in her solo movie (in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, all she really did was leap far), then there's less reason for it to be included in this continuity.

While Diana won't be traveling across Europe in her invisible jet as World War I rages, you can see her in action again when Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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