Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't a perfect film. Zack Snyder understands this. It's part of the reason why a longer cut of the movie -- dubbed the Ultimate Edition -- is working its way to theaters and will eventually be found on the DVD. There's always room for improvement, and Snyder's going to get another shot with his third DC movie, Justice League, due in theaters in 2017. The ensemble superhero film -- which finds Batman and Wonder Woman recruiting Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg on a mission to stop Steppenwolf -- will learn lessons from BvS. It will make tweaks. It will hopefully be more inclusive, and find a warmer reception from mainstream movie fans.

This was the concession made by both Zack Snyder and his wife (and producer) Deb Snyder when a small band of film journalists traveled to London to visit the set of Justice League and report back on the film's progress. They talked openly about how building the DCEU was a process, and how Batman v Superman was a necessary step to get them to where they wanted to be with Justice League. When asked what they learned from Dawn of Justice that will help them make Justice League a better movie, Deb Snyder told us:

I think the main thing we learned, I think people don't like to see their heroes deconstructed. And I think that's hard, because it's people that we've grown up with, and that we care about, and you know, they like, seeing them, I think in all their glory. ...

I think that those movies, both Man of Steel and BvS, for sure, were celebrations of kind of the darker comics, like Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and the Death of Superman [story], and as I said, I think all these are kind of individual stories. And this one was always meant to be, I know I'm reiterating what I've been saying, but that's kind of how we saw it. This was kind of bringing them up. And akin to more traditional comics that everybody knows and loves.

That was a point that was repeated numerous times. That by design, Batman v Superman came across as a darker story because it was always meant to pit two top DC heroes against each other. But now that DC has evolved past that, they can focus on uniting a team, and celebrating who they are when they work together. Deb Snyder later clarified to us:

I think Justice League is much more inclusive. It's all about the characters, too. We have these two very young, you know, Flash and Cyborg characters and they're definitely lighter. I think they're going to appeal to a younger audience. I think Suicide Squad has its own audience, and I think Wonder Woman has its own audience and not just women, because I think the movie, I've seen a little bit of it, and Patty [Jenkins] is still working on her director's cut, but I think it's going to be broad reaching. I think the darkest... where we've been is where we've been.

We also had a chance to speak with Zack Snyder about lessons he learned from Batman v Superman. Read on to find out what he told us.

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