Holidays and movies really go hand-in-hand. From the filmmaker's perspective, holidays are all about bringing people together -- and that togetherness can be a perfect recipe for conflict, drama and/or comedy. For audiences, movies are perfect entertainment when you're trying to find something that your family and friends will enjoy. Of course, some films are better for some holidays than others -- which is why we've created this list.

Going through the calendar, we've pulled out the 11 biggest holidays in the United States, and determined what is the best movie to watch -- based on both the spirit and themes of the day as well as content and tone of the feature. Read on to see our choices, and hit the comments section with your own personal picks!

New Year's Day -- The Hangover

Through a certain lens, New Year's Day can been seen as a day of renewal -- as many make resolutions to change themselves in some kind of significant way over the next 365 days. In another lens, though, it's National Hangover Day, which is why we're calling this one for Todd Phillips' The Hangover. Unlike many of the other titles featured on this list, it doesn't actually feature a celebration of its assigned holiday, but people will surely be able to relate to the lead characters who find themselves regretting a night of partying just a little too hard.

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