In West Philadelphia, born and raised; Will Smith was bound to be a star one of these days. And boy, did he ever deliver. While having a show as wildly successful as The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, as well as an equally fruitful musical career, Smith always seemed like a perfect fit for the movie industry. But in the past couple of years, the man who used to regularly get jiggy on the Fourth Of July weekend has taken a bit of a low profile when it comes to his career.

With Focus making its debut, and some interesting future projects on the horizon, it could be the start of a Big Willy Renaissance in Hollywood. As such, here’s hoping that if Will Smith is committing to the movie star game once more, he’ll continue to pick projects more like the performances on this list – and less like After Earth. Here are 10 examples why Will Smith, despite his missteps, is still an actor to keep an eye on.

Bad Boys
10. Bad Boys
Say what you will about Michael Bay’s style as a filmmaker, but at least in the case of 1995’s Bad Boys, he knew how to hold the camera straight. He also knew to cast Smith and Martin Lawrence as the buddy cop team that took on the Miami drug scene, and lived to tell the tale. Weighing in during the beginning of Will Smith’s reign of power, he’s still a little reserved in his performance – but not by much, as you can see in his more smart-assed action hero moments.

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