There have been quite a few terms thrown around to describe the state of 2016's box office track record. "Disastrous," "a garbage fire," and "general lack of hustle" could all describe what's been a pretty off year for the movies. And while it's not like they didn't tell us this was going to happen, it's still pretty disappointing that this year's film offerings have been less than thrilling.

However, there's still hope, and it comes in the guise of the following eight films that will be released between the end of July and the end of December. 2016 doesn't have to be a complete belly flop, and these flicks are our last, best hopes for box office glory. So enjoy this list, and update your Google calendar accordingly, folks!

Jason Bourne

Release Date: 7/29/16

He may know who he is, but he surely doesn't know the whole story. After years of inaction, Jason Bourne is reporting back for duty this summer, with Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass returning to bring the brand of action and suspense that they put on the map with the Bourne series. As if that wasn't exciting enough, Julia Stiles is returning as Nicky Parsons, with Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, and Vincent Cassel all climbing on board as various figures intent on hunting Bourne down in the name of law and order. Good luck with that, guys.

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