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Matthew McConaughey

If you're a student at the University of Texas hoping to make it big in Hollywood, then you're in luck. In an upcoming semester, students will have the chance to take part in an advanced production course that will teach them the ins and outs of an actual Hollywood production. That's already pretty exciting, but the class will be taught by none other than Matthew McConaughey, officially the coolest substitute teacher ever.

Matthew McConaughey will be heading back to his alma mater of the University of Texas as a guest professor in the course "Advanced Production: From Script to Screen." According to the University of Texas website, McConaughey will team up with director Gary Ross (Hunger Games) and they will provide a behind the scenes look at the production of their movie Free State of Jones. Students will get access to a bevy of material such as the script, shot list, storyboards, VFX, shooting schedule, and a look at the final cut of the film. Those enrolled will also gain tips on the pitch process, how to form their own production companies, and advice on producing their own material, be it a web series, film, or commercial.

The downside is that McConaughey and Ross will mainly give their lectures through pre-recorded video messages. The two of them are busy guys, with McConaughey working on The Dark Tower adaptation and Ross is in pre-production on Ocean's Eight. They don't have a whole semester to make lesson plans, grade papers and shop for tweed jackets. The University of Texas website lists Scott Rice as the main professor, who will most likely guide the class through the lessons. However, McConaughey is expected to show up on campus for at least one class.

The University of Texas announced the new course over their Twitter with a video, which you can check out below.

Free State of Jones wasn't the critical success McConaughey and Ross were most likely hoping for, but the ability for a film student to have access to so many materials from a real Hollywood production is an invaluable asset. There will no doubt a huge number of students looking to sign up for the class, so if you go to Texas and you've got all your credits, make sure to get up extra early if you want any hope of being taught by a movie star.

If you want to get a head start on your homework, Free State of Jones is still in theaters right now. You don't want to say you got an F from Matthew McConaughey (or maybe you do, I don't know your life).

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