Watch Jason Bourne Punch People In New Trailer

After the disappointment that was The Bourne Legacy, it almost looked like we'd never get another Bourne movie again. Yet here we are, staring down the barrel of Jason Bourne's July release date, and the excitement is only growing. Part of this anticipation comes from the latest promo for the film, which promises more than just fireworks for Matt Damon fans. In fact, there's quite a bit of punching to gawk at!

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If you're a fan of fist to surface impacts, than this minute long advertisement has you covered. A face punch, a throat punch with the aid of a book, and, our personal favorite, what looks like an uppercut with a firearm, are all present for your viewing pleasure. The film's official Twitter feed is responsible for the latest spot showcasing the return of Matt Damon's elite super-spy, who once again finds himself caught up in the world of espionage he longs to be rid of. Jason Bourne may have been almost 10 years in the making, but judging by the action we've seen in each look at the film, the franchise certainly doesn't look like it's missed a beat in the interim.

Speaking of punches, it sounds like the US government has yet another super-spy program gumming up the works, as "Project Iron Hand" joins Treadstone, Blackbriar, and Outcome as the latest super-spy roster to flip its lid. Though we wouldn't know this if it wasn't for the Snowden-esque hacker that's released this information to the public. Still, Jason Bourne is back in action, and when Bourne's in town, there will be fisticuffs. Especially when it comes to Jason's new hobby: knocking fools out with one blow to the face!

Whatever this "Project Iron Hand" is, it sounds pretty lethal. Getting to the bottom of the latest mystery at the heart of Jason Bourne is going to take a lot of brains to match the brawn on display. Still, if the Bourne franchise wanted to try and tap into the ever popular comic book genre, it could reveal that the actual twist behind this latest program involves the grafting of metal onto the fist of every operative enrolled in the project. True, it's a rip-off of the Adamantium that Wolverine has on his skeleton. However, it would be a perfect explanation as to how Jason Bourne could knock a man out with one punch, and make for one hell of a crossover.

Jason Bourne brings its brand of vengeance and ass-kicking to the big screen on July 29th.

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