Scott Eastwood’s Suicide Squad Role May Have Been Revealed

Suicide Squad

From the moment Scott Eastwood was announced to be in this summers Suicide Squad, fans have endlessly speculated on what character the actor could be playing. We've heard everything from Steve Trevor to Nightwing and now the name of his mysterious character might have finally been spoiled by an unusual source. A posting from a German film site has potentially revealed the name of his character, and it might leave some fans feeling disappointed.

Cinemaxx, the German site in question, posted the cast list for Suicide Squad, a list that included the name of Scott Eastwood and his soldier character. His name is Lieutenant "GQ" Edwards and, unfortunately, that's not a name that comes from the comics. This would seem to imply that Eastwood's character is really just a soldier and not a pre-existing entity in the comics. That's sure to be disappointing to a few fans who have been studying every set picture for any sort of clue on the true identity of Eastwood's role.

There have been a bunch of theories on who Scott Eastwood could be playing over the past year. Some speculated that he could be playing Dick Grayson's Nightwing, sent undercover by Batman to spy on Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad. That didn't hold much weight, and others turned to another character who's seen a big spike in popularity over the years: Deathstroke the Terminator. Heroic Hollywood reported that Eastwood was playing Slade Wilson, who some might remember for his tenure on CW's Arrow. Other popular theories were that he was Steve Trevor and, after Chris Pine was cast in Wonder Woman, that he was actually a descendant of Trevor.

Scott Eastwood

The reveal of Lieutenant "GQ" Edwards might debunk those rumors now. A GQ is visible on Eastwood's military uniform, adding a good deal of credence to the rumor. Of course, it's entirely possible that Cinemaxx is wrong and the fanboy theories can still live on. There's also the possibility that "GQ" Edwards is just a smokescreen created to obscure the character's true name. If Eastwood really is playing a character like Deathstroke, then Warner Bros. wouldn't want that to get spoiled quite so easily.

You can see Scott Eastwood's character, who is either a really cool guy from the comic books or just a normal soldier, in Suicide Squad which is written and directed by David Ayer. The superhero blockbuster opens in just a few short weeks on August 5.

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