What Deadpool Almost Looked Like In A Previous, Unmade Film

The journey to the big screen for Deadpool was a long and difficult one, but if it had succeeded sooner, the Deadpool we got would have looked very different. Some concept art has been released that shows the character, and one of his enemies, as they would have looked for an aborted 2013 Deadpool movie. For those looking for comic book accuracy, you won't find it here, yet the heart of the design is certainly still there.


According to Kelton Cram, the conceptual artist who came up with the designs for Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow, the idea behind this version of Deadpool was that the suit was going to start out being built out of components that Wade Wilson would have found lying around, like motorcycle gear, giving it a more self-made look than your traditional superhero costume. In his interview with comicbook.com, he says that the suit would have evolved by the end of the film into something more traditional.

As far as the "self-made" thing goes, the look certainly works. It all feels very pieced together. Of course, with the eyes behind the Friday the 13th hockey mask, or whatever it is that's being used to cover Wade Wilson's face, Deadpool looks a bit more like a psychopath here than he traditionally does. To be clear, Deadpool is a psychopath, he just doesn't always look quite so clearly like he is one.


In addition to the two Deadpool images, there's also a third design of the comic book character Random, who would have been part of the Marauders group in the movie and the main antagonists of the film. The director wanted the character to be "huge" which is what lead Kelton Cram to use professional wrestler/actor "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as his reference. Austin was never actually attached to the film.


Since pretty much everybody is happy with the way that Deadpool turned out, there won't be many too upset that this, not quite traditional, take didn't get the green light. Still, it's an interesting idea and we're certainly wondering about what might have been. What do you think of this Deadpool via Jason Voorhees look? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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