How Ghostbusters Totally Breaks The Norm When It Comes To 3D


If you're a regular reader of our To 3D or Not To 3D reviews, then you're probably aware that most movies utilizing the third dimension really only utilize half of the effect. For some reason, filmmakers have become convinced that depth is the best aspect of the technology, leaving audiences without the thrill of seeing things come flying off the screen and into the theater. The good news is that the new Ghostbusters movie is ready to save all of us from boring 3D, and it's something of which director Paul Feig is incredibly proud.

I had the wonderful chance to sit down with Paul Feig for an interview during the Los Angeles press day for Ghostbusters last week, and right out the gate I took the opportunity to ask about the movie's use of 3D. Because of how impressed I was by what we at Cinema Blend have dubbed the "Before The Window Effect," I asked the filmmaker for his personal 3D philosophy, and he exuberantly explained why he was blissful for the opportunity to break the norm. Said Feig,

It's very funny that you bring that up, because there's this whole thing with 3D and directors, which is everybody goes like 'I'm going to be classy. I'm not going to do stuff where I'm going to throw stuff in the audience's face!' I'm like, 'Why would you not do that?!' That's the most fun thing you can do with 3D! We're in 3D right now, I don't have to watch a room and see depth in it. Especially with Ghostbusters. It was really like, 'Let's have fun with that.'

Going further, Paul Feig got a bit technical in explaining the special add-on that really allowed the 3D to pop in Ghostbusters. Working with the company Prime Focus World, the director was offered the idea of taking full advantage of the widescreen format by using the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to work behind visual effects and enhance the stereography:

What's amazing is the company that did our 3D conversion they said, 'What we can do, since we're in widescreen, is we can play with the bars. Let's break through that!' And I was just like a kid in a candy store. 'Let's do more of that, let's do more of that!' And then if you see it in IMAX, there's the sequence where we opened up the bars to full IMAX. And it's just like, 'Oh my god!' I'm a total geek when I watch my own movies!

You can watch Paul Feig talk about his personal feelings about 3D for Ghostbusters in the video below:

While we know that many of you are hesitant when it comes to 3D movies, we strongly suggest you that when you buy a ticket to Ghostbusters this weekend you should spend a few extra dollars and grab some glasses. You'll be glad you did.

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