J.J. Abrams Wants To Bring Back A Long Lost Character In Another Star Trek Movie, Here’s What We Know

George Kirk

Star Trek Beyond is still a week away from being released, and early buzz has been mostly positive so far. That means there's a good chance that Star Trek 4 will be greenlit, especially since stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have another movie in their contracts. Of course, we're nowhere near knowing what the fourth adventure will be about, but evidently J.J. Abrams is eager to bring back Chris Hemsworth for the movie.

The Star Trek Beyond producer and director of its two predecessors told film critic Scott Mantz that Star Trek 4 will pair Chris Hemsworth with Chris Pine, a.k.a. the reboot series' Captain James T. Kirk. Most of us know Hemsworth as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or more recently as Kevin in the Ghostbusters reboot. However, it was in Star Trek where he got his first Hollywood exposure as George Kirk, James Kirk's father.

In the beginning of the 2009 movie, the USS Kelvin came upon Nero's ship, the Narada, emerging from what they thought was a lightning storm, but was actually a temporal portal. When the Kelvin's captain, Robau, was taken onto the Narada and killed by Nero, George Kirk was left in command of the ship. He quickly evacuated the surviving Kelvin personnel and fired at the Romulan attackers, but the opposing ship was too powerful. With the weapons and autopilot down, George had no choice but to ram the Kelvin into the Narada so it would be disabled and unable to kill the fleeing crew members. In his final seconds of life, he helped name his newborn son with his wife Winona over the comm as she escaped.

In the Prime Universe, a.k.a. the original Star Trek continuity, George Kirk grew old and watched his son become a Starfleet captain, but in this alternate timeline, James Kirk never knew the man who saved him, his mother and the other Kelvin occupants. Ironically though, George's death influenced this version of James to still join Starfleet thanks to encouragement from Christopher Pike. However, Star Trek Beyond will explore how James feels about living in his father's shadow.

It's hard to imagine how George and James meeting would work, but in the world of Star Trek, the impossible more easily accomplished. Maybe James Kirk and the Enterprise somehow travel back through time to when George was still a fresh officer. Maybe he simply sees his father in some kind of weird dream or hallucination. However they pull it off, if Chris Hemsworth can coordinate a Star Trek 4 appearance with his Marvel appearances and other projects, you can guarantee that he'll have much more to do this time around.

We'll keep you updated on what ends up happening with Star Trek 4, but for now, fans can look forward to Star Trek Beyond hitting theaters on July 22.

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