The Netflix Instant universe is vast, and full of many delights from all corners of cinema. Chances are, if you're in the mood for a certain genre, there's at least 11 movies that'll scratch the itch. Which is why, on a weekly basis, we here at Cinema Blend will bring you the 11 most interesting offerings in a genre, all of which are available for streaming through your Netflix account.

Last week we featured a list of 11 animated winners that the whole family could enjoy. This week, we're about to go above and beyond the known universe, as Star Trek Beyond just had its grand premiere at San Diego Comic Con last night! In honor of both the new Trek movie's premiere, and the geek convention that you may or may not be frequenting as we speak, we've assembled another list of 11 entries you can view on your favorite viewing platform. Set scanners to normal view, and check out these out of this world favorites!

Galaxy Quest

How else do you start a list dedicated to Star Trek and Comic Con than with a film that celebrates both? Accidental adventure awaits a crew of washed-up Sci-Fi actors, when a group of aliens mistake the transmissions of their show, Galaxy Quest, as "historical documents." The upside is that their agents can now represent them as interstellar celebrities. The downside, however, is that they'll have to survive combat against an alien warlord in order to cash in. You'll recognize Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and the late Alan Rickman in the cast of this film, but keep an eye out for early appearances by Sam Rockwell, Rainn Wilson, and Justin Long in the movie that's basically Star Trek's answer to Spaceballs.

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