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Aquaman has gone through a different creative process than most movies. Back in 2014, two writers, Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad, were hired by Warner Bros to write separate of versions of the Atlantean hero's solo adventure, and the best one would be brought to the big screen. Then David Leslie Johnson was tapped to pen the movie instead, and that seemed to settle everything on that front. However, now it's being reported that Beall, the same man who penned Gangster Squad, has been brought back to handle script duties once and or all.

According to THR, Beall has secured the Aquaman writing gig again, but this time, he's working off a treatment created by director James Wan and DC Extended Universe co-runner Geoff Johns. It's unclear whether any of Beall's previous material will be retained for Aquaman, but now that Wan and Johns have a better idea of where they want the story to go, it appears that this particular behind the scenes issue has finally been settled. Aside from working on Aquaman, Beall is currently a writer and executive producer on the TV series adaptation of Training Day on CBS.

It's good to hear that the Aquaman writing situation has been seemingly put to rest. The movie is almost exactly two years away, and since most of the story will presumably take place underwater, that means that it will likely take longer to complete production and post-production. If they didn't finish the script soon, the movie would have had to be delayed, and since that DC's only summer blockbuster in 2018, that simply isn't an option. Since Beall has a history with his project, ideally he'll churn out an excellent story for the protector of the Seven Seas.

Few details have been released about the Aquaman movie, though according to The Aquaman Shrine, it will draw heavily on Geoff Johns's well-received New 52 run. Jason Momoa's Aquaman, a.k.a. Arthur Curry, made his first DCEU appearance earlier this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Video footage of him stabbing an underwater camera with his trident and swimming away at super sonic speed was in Lex Luthor's secret metahuman files, along with pictures and videos of Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg. Aquaman will return next year in Justice League as one of the six founding heroes of the eponymous team, but we'll have to wait and see why his dynamic with them is like. His supporting cast includes Amber Heard as his love interest, Mera, and Willem Dafoe as his adviser, Vulko. Both characters will debut next year in Justice League.

Aquaman swims into theaters on July 27, 2018, but he'll fully debut when Justice League is released on November 17, 2017.

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