Harley Quinn Is Getting Yet Another Movie, Here’s What We Know

Harley quinn

Harley Quinn is on the cusp of a Deadpool- esque blow up. Mainstream audiences are about to see what fans and cosplayers have known for years when she makes her live-action debut in August's Suicide Squad played by Margot Robbie. The buzz surrounding that character is at an all-time high, with rumors flying that she'll be getting her own spin-off that will feature a team-up with other DC female heroes. Now, we've just learned that Harley Quinn will headline ANOTHER movie, albeit in a different format. Harley Quinn will co-star alongside Batman in the animated Batman and Harley Quinn, an original story created by her creator Bruce Timm.

Warner Bros. Animation hosted a panel at Comic-Con ahead of the premiere of their widely anticipated Killing Joke adaptation, and they announced a few new projects in development. Our own Conner Schwerdtfeger was lucky enough to be in the room and he was able to learn about the new Harley Quinn-centric film. There's no word on casting or plot, but we know it's a story from Bruce Timm, who's pretty much the authority on Harley Quinn.

[Next] summer on this stage I hope we'll be showing you Batman and Harley Quinn: A Bruce Timm Story.

This is sure to make lots of Batman: The Animated series fans happy. It seems like the perfect time for Bruce Timm to write another Harly Quinn story. If it's Timm behind the wheel, then it isn't crazy to assume that long-time Batman voice Kevin Conroy will return to reprise the character. That would make this film a Batman: The Animated Series reunion of sorts. As to what the story could be, the title suggests Batman and Harley will be working together, though probably reluctantly on Batman's part. There's no shortage of stories to tell when it comes to those two, so feel free to speculate away in the comments while we prepare for the Harley Quinn world domination.

A few other upcoming projects were announced at the Animation panel. The first was Justice League Dark, which fans might remember as a live-action project from Guillermo del Toro that got stuck in development hell. It looks like the supernatural team will be coming to screens in a different way, and Warner Bros. was able to confirm that John Constantine and Swamp Thing will be on the team. The other announced project was Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, which will be an adaptation of Marv Wolfman and George Perez's iconic storyline from the comics. Again, not much more detail on those projects, but it's definitely enough to get excited about.

We've got a while before we will learn anything new from Batman and Harley Quinn: A Bruce Timm Story, but you can see a different version of Harley really soon in Suicide Squad, which opens on August 5.

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