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Doctor Strange

While 3D used to be rare in movies and used only as a gimmick, the technology has now evolved to the point where it's a standard part of many films. Quite often, it's only used as an enhancement to the visuals, or to the overall ticket price. However, Keven Feige says that the technology wasn't just an add-on for Doctor Strange, it was actually a necessity. Feige says that many aspects of the film's visual style have been built for 3D technology, actually making it difficult to present the same material two-dimensionally.

While 3D technology is fairly widespread, it tends to be best utilized for animated films. Most live action movies have the 3D conversion done after the fact, which can have limited success. And the 3D of Marvel movies tends to not be the best, in our frequent opinion. However, Marvel Studios' head Keven Feige recently spoke to Collider, and told them that Doctor Strange will be a cut above in the 3D department, as much of the film is being designed with the technology in mind.

There are sequences of the film that 3D is actually necessary to tell the dimensional story that is happening through visuals, and we're now finding ourselves in VFX reviews going, 'Okay we know this is perfect for 3D, this is built for 3D, but the story's gotta work in 2D so how do we adjust it so it still works in 2D?'

From very early on we have been told that the visual style of Doctor Strange, the other-worldliness of it, would be something very different for a Marvel movie. We've had a taste of that of in the trailers, but according to Kevin Feige, you really won't get an idea of what Marvel Studios is trying to accomplish unless you see the film in 3D. We can see, at least theoretically, how 3D can be used to draw the line between the different worlds that the film will travel through. The movie seems to have multiple scenes where the fabric of reality is altered, and 3D can certainly enhance that feeling if it's done right.

If this is true, we couldn't be more excited. There's nothing that we love more than good 3D. The experience we had with the new Ghostbusters 3D was excellent, and if Doctor Strange is also looking to really use the technology and do something special we're in. Using the tech to not only enhance the experience of watching the movie, but to also enhance the story would be great news for Marvel and 3-D fans like.

Of course, the studio has to deal with the flip side problem. If they really are having problems making the visuals come across in 2D, how will that impact the final film?3D is becoming a larger share of the total audience, and if the word gets out that the 3D is worth paying for, more people will go. However, the bulk of the audience is still going to see the film in 2D.

We're sure they'll figure something out. We can't wait to see how the 3D actually stacks up in Doctor Strange. You can bet we'll be reviewing it when the time comes.

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