This has been a spectacular year for family films -- particularly of the animated variety. Pixar and Disney stormed into theaters earlier this year with the breathtaking hits Finding Dory and Zootopia, respectively. The Secret Life of Pets did so well that a sequel already has been announced. And live-action family fare continues to entertain, with families heading to the theaters this weekend to see what Pete's Dragon has in store. Needless to say, families have been finding ample programming opportunities at the multiplex all season long, as Hollywood has offered all kinds of fantastic animated movies that are suitable for all ages.

Sausage Party is NOT one of those movies.

For real, don't bring your kids to Sausage Party. I can't say that often enough. Don't bring them. This is not a dig on the R-rated comedy. Our own Greg Wakeman LOVED it, and most adults will laugh their asses off during it. I'm 100% certain, however, that co-creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg -- the guys behind This is the End and Pineapple Express -- don't want you to bring your kids to this movie, despite the fact that it's animated. Having seen the movie, I'm going to give parents three strong reasons why Sausage Party is way too inappropriate for young viewers.

There will be spoilers for Sausage Party in this piece. Fair warning!

There's Non-Stop Cursing

I think the first word in the movie is "fuck." If I remember correctly, the talking hot dogs realize that they overslept, and say something along the lines of, "Fuck, we overslept." The swearing never stops from that point on. It never even really slows down.

Which is fine, and totally expected out of a Seth Rogen comedy. The dude makes very funny adult-oriented comedies, and if you have seen ANY of them prior to Sausage Party, you know exactly what he delivers on screen. The language in Sausage Party is not toned down because it's animated. If anything, the guys seem to think it's really funny to have animated characters dropping F-bombs and talking about incredibly graphic sexual topics. I don't know how the food products in the local grocery store learned such foul language, but it's prevalent, and parents should be aware.

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