It's hard to believe that it's already the end of 2016's summer season, considering we remember seeing Captain America: Civil War as if it was last weekend. It's been an interesting season at the movies, to say the least, and as usual there are winners and there are losers who are either enjoying their spoils, or licking their wounds. Though there's no longer a real off-season to speak of in the box office market, we can still take a moment to reflect on what happened, and who landed on which side. So raise a glass, and drink with us to summer 2016: the best, and worst, of times at the movies.

Winner: The Horror Genre

The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out both made compelling arguments for why horror is still a vital genre in the big budget side of Hollywood. Both films performed quite well in their respective release windows, and have kept the door open for others to cross over into the big leagues. Even better still, the film that may dethrone Suicide Squad's August reign of excellence is none other than the low budget horror outing Don't Breathe. With fans and critics alike buzzing about Fede Alvarez's latest exercise in terror, we're sure there are plenty more scares where that came from.

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