Transformers 5 Swoops Into Scotland With An Over-The-Top New Michael Bay Video

There are certain directors who seem to find certain things they like in movies, and then just keep using them. Michael Bay is very nearly a trope unto himself, but when he makes a Transformers movie, you can be sure that Transformers won't be the only machines to make an appearance. Bay really likes to include helicopters in his movies, and in a new video from the set of Transformers: The Last Knight, it's made clear that they will be making an appearance.

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Due to the noise from the helicopter hovering, it's virtually impossible to actually understand a word that Michael Bay says. We know he's in Scotland. We know that he's filming Transformers, if only because he's wearing the right hat for it. For what it's worth, it looks like that hat may date back to the first Transformers movie. Beyond that, we have no idea. It looks to be some beautiful countryside that may only be accessible by helicopter.

While this video may not show us much about the new _Transformers _ movie, it's the perfect example of a Michael Bay movie if we ever saw one. It's big and brash and a spectacle for no real reason beyond simply being a spectacle. At the same time, much like Michael Bay movies, we can't really look away. We're dying to know what's going to be going on up there in the mountains of Scotland.

The only notes on the Instagram post is that "filming resumes" which implies that it recently took a little break. Likely this was simply to move locations to Scotland. We know that Transformers: The Last Knight did some filming in Cuba a few months ago. The shift to Scotland will likely be a shock to the system when it comes to the weather. Still, we have to say that there's a serious upside to directing your own movies on location, you get to go to some pretty amazing places.

As for why the film is in Scotland, it's possible that the location could be confirmation of some of the odder parts of the plot to Transformers: The Last Knight. From what we've heard, the "artifact" that Optimus Prime and company will be searching for in the new movie will be some sort of an object that was once in the possession of Merlin the magician. While we weren't sure how much we bought the whole concept, and the fact that they are now filming is Scotland is certainly not a confirmation, it does seem to imply that the relationship between the new Transformers and Camelot has not been disproven. Scotland makes as much sense as any to film someplace where Merlin may have lived.

Is Michael Bay getting you pumped for Transformers: The Last Knight? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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