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What Transformers 5 May Be About

Transformers: The Last Knight

At this point, there simply shouldn't be anything that surprises you when it comes to the plot for Transformers movies. They're about giant robots who turn into cars and planes, so it's not like incorporating Arthurian legend into the mix really makes the premise that much more bizarre, does it?

How the human characters, played by Mark Wahlberg, and a returning Josh Duhamel, will fit into all this is unclear. The fact that those details appear to be missing from this plot would appear to indicate that the rumors that the franchise would be moving toward focusing more on the robots and less on the people may be true. A number of previously appearing Transformers have also been announced for Transformers: The Last Knight, though, if you're actually capable of telling them all apart, you're a better man than I. The film is currently filming in Cuba.

While seeing a new Transformers movie is probably not something on your bucket list, the fifth entry in the franchise is on the way, so we'd better all just get used to the idea. Production is underway on Transformers: The Last Knight and we know something about which characters will be returning and a few of the robots in disguise who will be in play. Now, some details about the plot appear to have been revealed, and in true Michael Bay fashion, they are batshit insane. Apparently The Last Knight subtitle is some sort of reference to the King Arthur myth. No, seriously.

The Transformers films aren't exactly known for their cogent storytelling, but if the word on Transformers: The Last Knight is accurate, the series is about to achieve a new level of bonkers. According to JoBlo, the new film will open with Optimus Prime discovering the Transformers' home planet of Cybertron, but what he finds is a dead husk of a planet, which he, somehow, is responsible for destroying. The good news is that returning Cybertron to life is possible if Optimus can just obtain a MacGuffin, er artifact. If you just guessed that the artifact is located on earth, you win the grand prize. There's a bit more to it, however, as the artifact is related to Merlin the magician, who, it turns out, received his magic from an early Transformer, because of course he did.

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If there's anything that actually makes any sense based on this plot, it's the casting of Anthony Hopkins. He seemed like an odd choice for a Transformers movie, and while that's still true, at least now we have an idea where he'll fit. If he's playing a human, he'll probably be Merlin himself, because you'd want a big name to take on a role like that. Either that or he'll simply be a Transformer with an English accent, because you know that's going to happen. Transformers: The Last Knight will be in theaters on June 23, 2017.

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