See The Awesome Batman Suit That Just Broke A Guinness World Record

Batman's iconic outfit has evolved considerably over the years. We've seen versions of the suit with eyebrows, built-in six packs, yellow chest plates, and even nipples. Everyone tries to forget the nipples, but they happened. As time has gone by, the overall quality of these suits has improved on the silver screen, but one fan's homemade Batsuit suit might actually represent the best iteration of the Batman costume we've ever seen. Check out the video of the award-winning suit below to see what I mean.

I see some examples of truly amazing cosplay in my line of work, but that video showcases arguably the best homemade Batsuit that I've ever laid eyes on. Cosplay enthusiast, professional artist, and all-around Batman fan, Julian Checkley, recently won the Guinness World Record for "Most Functional Gadgets In A Cosplay Suit," and it's truly a work of art. Taking heavy inspiration from the suit worn by Bruce Wayne in the Arkham Origins, Checkley slowly but surely crafted something truly inspired that should get any Batman fan excited. It looks like he walked into the Batcave and stole the real Batsuit right out from under the Caped Crusader's nose.

This outfit doesn't just look like a badass costume; it actually IS a badass costume. The suit features 23 completely functional gadgets, ranging from a working tracking device, to a video screen mounted on one of the gauntlets, to an ultrasonic anti-dog defense system. The thing even shoots fireballs. We have a feeling that he might not get through the security at Comic-Con with all of that weaponry strapped to his body, unless he actually sneaks in -- in true Dark Knight fashion.

Jason Todd Batman

Oddly enough, the Batman outfit depicted in the above video does feature one very notable distinction from the Arkham Origins suit, and it actually still manages to have precedent in the comics. This particularly incarnation of the Batsuit features a face mask that covers up the mouth portion of the cowl. Although this seems like a very minor detail, the face mask actually harkens back to the Jason Todd Batman outfit worn by Todd during the landmark Battle for the Cowl story arc -- during which he faced off against true Batman heirs Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. During that story, Todd believed himself to be the rightful heir to the Bat mantle after Bruce Wayne's supposed death, and as such he became a gun-toting version of Gotham's favorite vigilante with a suit of his very own. That's some impressive attention to detail.

I think it's safe to say that I would never take off a Batman suit like that if I had one of my very own. The damn thing arguably even rivals the suits worn by both Christian Bale as well as Ben Affleck, and we think someone at Warner Bros. should seriously consider giving Julian Checkley a job in the costume department for the DCEU films. Congratulations are in order, Mr. Checkley; you earned this award.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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