Rogue Binks Is A Star Wars Nightmare Video You Absolutely Need To Watch

rogue one jar jar binks

While insane in popularity and spanning entire decades, the Star Wars franchise can truly split audiences. Star Wars fans are very passionate about the galaxy far, far away, and therefore have strong and often polarizing opinions on each new film and character. But then there are the universal truths: Darth Vader is awesome, Storm Troopers are useless, and Jar Jar Binks is the worst character in the history of film. That third point definitely strikes a chord with audiences, as the Gungan was one of the reasons why The Phantom Menace was so unwatchable. So can you imagine if Jar Jar was actually the star star?

One fan has realized this fear, and has re-edited the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, with Jar Jar Binks taking the role of Jyn Erso. And it's as horrifying as you'd imagine- check it out.

Like I said, horrifying. Let's break down exactly what we're being shown in this abomination of a movie trailer.

Obviously the best part about this trailer is watching Jar Jar Binks attempt to save the galaxy and steal the plans for the original Death Star. With Rogue One's stakes so high and the tone so serious, it's pretty hilarious to imagine the clownish character taking responsibility for the mission. And all it took was some clever editing using footage from The Phantom Menace to reduce the otherwise epic trailer into a cartoon.

The trailer for Rogue Binks also takes some serious jabs at the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Rather than Mon Mothma giving Jyn the mission, it now falls upon none other than Princess Leia, complete with the hair buns. But the footage used isn't from A New Hope, but the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Rather than being the hardened General we're used to seeing from The Force Awakens, she decided to sing a little diddy about the Holiday season. The editing was a little weird during these shots (her head was far too big for Mon Mothma's body), but it didn't make it any less funny.

Things then get even more malicious as the trailer brings George Lucas onto the firing range. Lucas' face has been edited onto the body of the villainous Orson Krennic, and spouts out a fair amount of crazy during the course of the trailer. The man behind Jar Jar Binks earnestly proclaims that "Jar Jar is the key", echoing his original plan for the character before Episode I was panned. In a way it's good that the movie was so bad, otherwise we would have presumably had a lot more Jar Jar in the following two movies.

Special shout out to Chewbacca mom, who makes an appearance as well. She must be thrilled to step into the galaxy far, far away.

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Corey Chichizola
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