It's official: 2016 can go die in a fire. Far too many of our greats have left us this year. The latest to say goodbye is the wonderful Gene Wilder. With a film career that started with one of the greatest comedies ever made, it was a near certainty that Wilder would be one of the best ever. We're sad that he's gone, but we'll be celebrating the fact that he was once here. Not only did he make us all laugh, but he made us all laugh in so many different ways.

Choosing five roles to call Gene Wilder's best wasn't that hard. Every one of us could name four of them with our eyes closed. However, deciding the order of those roles was a near impossibility. This is the order that we've decided on today. Tomorrow, we might feel differently.

5. Skip Donahue - Stir Crazy

There are three great collaborations that make up Gene Wilder's career. The first makes up the bulk of this list, the second was with his wife, the utterly hilarious Gilda Radner, and the third was with the great Richard Pryor. The two comedians shared the screen four times in their careers. We're going to give the second one, 1980's Stir Crazy, the nod for Wilder's number five role. Directed by Sidney Poitier, Stir Crazy follows the two great comedians in their prime as their characters are framed for bank robbery and then compete in a rodeo. It makes sense, a little anyway. Wilder's greatest comedic skill was the way he could act utterly unassuming while being subtly insane. That's what sets Stir Crazy apart.

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