Scarlett Johansson’s R-Rated Bachelorette Comedy Just Added An Arrow Star To Its Mix

Don Jon Scarlett Johansson

While this summer's movie season was hit or miss, next year's mid-year tentpole looks to be packed with both sure fire crowd-pleasers and underdog surprises. One such surprise could be the Scarlett Johansson led comedy Rock That Body, and it's off to a good start with a hell of a talent roster behind it. The latest addition to that line-up is a pretty big get for comic fans, as Colton Haynes, better known to Arrow fans as Roy Harper / Arsenal, has joined the crew.

This news comes from Deadline, as Haynes has been announced as the latest star to join the ranks of the R-rated female-centric comedy that focuses on a bachelorette party gone wild. Colton Haynes' casting comes a couple of days after Ty Burrell and Demi Moore were both announced as additions to the supporting cast. This already impressive group of orbiting players only further compliments Rock That Body's core ensemble, which is made up of Scarlet Johansson as the lead, with Jillian Bell, Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz, and Ilana Glazer rounding out the crazy bunch of bachelorettes that get into trouble beyond their imaginations.

Rock That Body Colton Haynes

As the bachelorette party at the center of Rock That Body rages on, there's a distinct possibility that Colton Haynes' combat skills could come in handy, as he might be some sort of nemesis to Johansson and her team of merry-makers. It's not that big of a stretch, considering the "bachelorette party gone wrong" scenario sounds like The Hangover, except with different creative officers and a more female based compliment of humor. Yet another possible role for Haynes to play would be the stereotypical male stripper, hired to show the ladies a good time. Then again, both archetypes could be combined into one, easy to write package.

Don Jon Scarlett Johansson

Of course, we're still wondering if the original plot synopsis for Rock That Body is in play, in which case Colton Haynes may be the body the title calls for, as that original plot involves Scarlet Johannson and her friends covering up the accidental murder of a stripper. In which case, it looks like his training as part of the Arrow squad will be no match for the skills of the Black Widow. Fan fiction writers, you have your orders; and movie fans, you have a lot to look forward to at next summer's box office.

Rock That Body is slated for the party friendly release date of June 23, 2017.

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