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Ben Affleck's been making a splash of late playing Batman in the DC Extended Universe, but he's also been keeping busy with a number of other projects as well. Following up on the award-winning 2012 movie Argo, his next directorial project is Live by Night, and the gangster flick has finally released its first trailer. Check it out!

Ben Affleck has a long history with crime movies, but for his latest directing job, he's jumping into the Prohibition era, where the bootleg booze was flowing and the bullets were flying. As seen in this first trailer, Live by Night, based on the book of the same by Dennis Lehane, tells the story of Affleck's character Joe Coughlin, a criminal who also happens to be the son of a Boston police captain. After serving in World War I, he "came home an outlaw," subsequently moving to Florida for a fresh start. The movie will chart Joe's progression from bootlegger to notorious gangster into the 1930s, and you can see, plenty of bodies will dropped during this journey. We also get looks at some of Affleck's supporting cast, which includes Zoe Saldana, Chris Messina, Chris Cooper, Anthony Michael Hall, Sienna Miller, Elle Fanning and Brendan Gleeson.

While his acting work continues to progress with movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gone Girl and The Accountant, Ben Affleck has been proving how talented he also is as a director ever since helming Gone Baby Gone last decade. Live by Night looks like it's going to be another impressive addition to his resume, feeling like The Town mixed with classic 1920s gangster flair. The costumes look sharp, the settings look amazing and most importantly, it's going to be action-packed and stylized. I especially like that shot of one of the characters throwing a Molotov cocktail at that the truck carrying barrels. It's simple, yet alluring.

Beyond the visuals, Live by Night also looks like it will be a captivating story. Here we have a man who's out to make a name for himself as a criminal, and he's willing to break any rules necessary to accomplish that goal. However, as he tells Zoe Saldana's character, Graciella Corrales, he also doesn't want to be an unnecessarily cruel because powerful men don't need to be. Affleck has been working on Live by Night since late 2012, and after a few delays, his passion project will finally be seen by the masses in the near future, and then we'll find out just how cruel Joe Coughlin will need to be to get the life he wants.

Live by Night will be released in theaters on January 13, 2017, with a limited release reportedly coming in December. Let us know what you think of this first trailer in the comments below.