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The Real Story Behind The Wild James Bond Payday Rumors

James Bond Daniel Craig

Last weekend, rumors surfaced that Daniel Craig was being offered $150 million to reprise his role as James Bond for at least two more installments. Rumored to be produced back to back, the offer was allegedly being made by Sony to retain Craig, who has been the face of the iconic franchise since 2006's Casino Royale. If you thought those rumors were ridiculous, then it looks like you were correct, as a source has come forth to dispute those outrageous claims.

Sources close to the James Bond franchise confided in Vanity Fair to debunk the claim of such an astronomical contract. Those sources are not only stating that Sony is not the managing body with the agency to offer such a deal, but also that those who do have the power to make such an offer aren't as desperate to keep Daniel Craig as they seem. As it turns out, Craig's previous remarks about slashing his wrists over serving the cause struck a nerve with MGM chairman Gary Barber. Seeing as MGM and Eon Productions are the two bodies that need to agree to make a deal, Craig's future with the franchise is not as rosy as it may have seemed before.

To be honest, looking at Daniel Craig's schedule for the next couple of years doesn't exactly inspire much confidence that the actor will want to come back to the tailored tuxedo he's filled out for the last couple of decades. Not only is Craig currently at work on Showtime's TV adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's Purity, he's also signed on to work with Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum on their next project, Logan Lucky. With the franchise's usual aim for a film every two years already out the window throughout Daniel Craig's tenure as the super spy, there's still a chance that Daniel Craig could come back to the franchise in his own time. But with all factors considered, it looks like Spectre may be the final outing for Craig's variation on Bond.

Between the parties reportedly involved in negotiations, the terms of said negotiations, and even the estimated pay day on the line, the claim that such an offer is on the table is pretty much debunked. While no official statements have been made from representatives on either MGM or Daniel Craig's camps, it's pretty easy to see through these claims by going through the previously established facts. In any case, we'll keep our ears open for any updates that are to be had, as the future of the James Bond franchise continues to develop.

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