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Captain America: Civil War may have been released back in May, but that hasn't stopped fans of the superhero romp from talking about the events of the film. And with Civil War now finally available for home release, the conversation has only continued to grow. We've got director's commentary, deleted scenes, a gag reel, and all of the goodness that normally comes from owning your own copy of a blockbuster. Now the latest feature available for the rabid Marvel fanbase is none other than previously unreleased concept art. Let's check out some of the more exciting images that were just released.

vision civil war

The first of these images is all about everyone's favorite robotic superhero, Vision. One of the accidentally hilarious moments that happened over the course of Captain America: Civil War was seeing Vision in street clothes. When Thaddeus Ross sits the Avengers down to inform them of the Sokovia Accords, we see Vision in a fetching sweater and dress shirt set- red skin and all. Now it appears that Vision's street clothes were workshopped quite a bit, as the above concept image shows all the choices that are presumably hanging up in Vision's robot closet. And they're all very dapper choices.

Honestly I think that a blazer option would have actually looked less ridiculous than what we were shown in Civil War. A sweater set on an entity so powerful felt very silly, especially some of the chunkier grandpa sweaters that are in the concept image. A blazer overall feels less comedic, but that's just me.

bucky civil war

This image is one of the coolest concept images to come out of Captain America: Civil War. During the final brutal battle between Iron Man, Bucky, and Captain America, Iron Man, Tony Stark hit The Winter Soldier with a particularly strong laser blast at a close range. This resulted in Bucky's metal arm being blown clean off of his body. That happened in just a moment, so the concept art actually shows quite a different perspective of the event. We can see how the physicality and physics of the moment functioned as the arm was decimated. Too bad- Spider-Man loved that thing.

civil war crossbones

The next concept image shows the opening battle between the Avengers and Crossbones in Lagos. As we all know, Crossbones attempted a suicide bombing in order to finally kill Captain America. Luckily for cap, Scarlet Witch contained the explosion and tried to put it in the air away from the Avengers. Unfortunately, this goes awry and Scarlet Witch accidentally destroys a nearby building and kills a bunch of Wakandan workers.

The concept art shows how the conflict could have been handled very differently. Rather than simply the explosion, the image shows a Crossbones that is still very much alive and his bomb still only beginning to detonate. This could have been a much more terrifying opening sequence, as we saw Frank Grillo's character slowly burn away. Of course, this might have hindered the PG-13 rating the film received, so it's all probably for the best. Plus Frank Grillo has ben hinting he might not actually be donezo.

What do you think of the concept images? Did the film make the right call, or should some of these concept images have made it into the final product? Sound off in the comments below.

Captain America: Civil War is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and On Demand now.

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