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Happy Batman Day, CinemaBlend readers! It's a time to celebrate one of the most iconic superheroes in the business - not that anyone really needs an excuse. We all have our own way to celebrate, but it can never compare to the guy who has direct access to Batman every day: Zack Snyder. Love him or hate him, he's hard at work directing Justice League and took a little time to share this very cool photo of himself with an iconic piece of equipment. check it out below.

This picture comes from Zack Snyder's Twitter account, and shows off the director posing in front of the Bat-Signal, probably the most iconic spotlight in fiction. The tweet has the simple caption "#JusticeLeague #BatmanDay", but that's really all that needs to be said. Snyder looks a little like Jim Gordon in that picture, who will be played by J.K. Simmons in the film. The only other person who could possibly top this is Ben Affleck, but after posting that Deathstroke tease, he's hit his social media quota for the next week. People have mixed feelings on Snyder's contributions to the DCEU, but you can't say he doesn't know how to get people excited.

Batman is all the rage right now, and will be hitting the screen in some big ways in the upcoming years. First off is The LEGO Batman Movie, which already released a new poster celebrating its title heroes' holiday. The LEGO Batman Movie is promising to be a breath of fresh air for the Dark Knight, taking a comedic approach to the normally somber hero. With tons of easter eggs and a few hilarious trailers, there's a lot to be excited about for this movie.

Up next is Justice League, which will continue the story of the DCEU Batman as he joins with Wonder Woman to recruit a team of metahumans to combat a sinister threat. The film looks more uplifting so far than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while still delivering on the action and epic visuals that helped BvS stand out. The jury is still out on if Geoff Johns can do some course correcting for DC Films, but so far everything looks reassuring. Check out the first trailer for the superhero team-up, which features Batman meeting the Flash, Aquaman, and even telling jokes.

Finally, there's the still somehow untitled Batman solo movie, which is already looking extremely promising. The film is being written and directed by the Oscar-winning Ben Affleck, with rumors that it will have appearances from several Bat-villains, and Deathstroke serving as the main villain. Other than that nothing else is currently known, but this film has already jumped up to the top of some peoples most anticipated films list.

You can next see Batman in Justice League, which hits theaters November 17, 2017. As always for more updates on everything Batman, make sure to keep it here at CinemaBlend and we'll update you with new information as it becomes available.

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