Chris Pine Does His Best Shatner Impression In Hysterical Star Trek Beyond Gag Reel

While Star Trek Beyond is a fairly serious story, that doesn't mean that the actors didn't have some degree of fun on the set. A new gag reel that will be part of the Star Trek Beyond Blu-Ray has dropped online and it has some pretty great moments. Among them, Chris Pine channeling his predecessor in the role of Captain Kirk.

As professional as the actors all are on the set of a Star Trek movie, the final cut of the film adds effects and music to the experience which help transport you to the fictional world. Without that, you're just a guy standing on a set spouting Star Trek gibberish. This becomes all the more clear when an actor trips over their lines, and suddenly everybody remembers that they're acting again. The best part, though, is when Chris Pine calls for "Full impulse, Mr. Suliu" and John Cho stops to say that he sounds like he's doing a William Shatner impression. Pine does add a bit of a classic Shatner pause to the line, so it does sound a bit like him to us. As much as we love William Shatner, we hope this doesn't become a habit.

Other highlights of the video posted to Yahoo include Karl Urban enjoying his whiskey just a bit too much, and Urban and Chris Pine both getting stuck behind the turbo lift door when it fails to open completely.

Star Trek Beyond

We have to say Zachery Quinto seems to have the toughest job in the room. He's the one who has to sound the most serious when he's talking, which also means it's funnier than hell when he slips. When he starts laughing at his, or other people's screwups it's hilarious, but also slightly wrong. He's such a good Spock that seeing him smile or laugh feels like we've entered into the mirror universe. Spock shouldn't be laughing, ever. It's just not right.

Star Trek Beyond was actually one of this past summer's surprises. While many were split on the previous entry in the rebooted series, Star Trek into Darkness, Beyond was praised as being a film that felt more like it was part of the classic Star Trek universe than anything that had come before it. This was likely due to it being co-written by Simon Pegg, who's as much a fan of the franchise as anybody.

There are more flubs and gaffs to be had if you check out Star Trek Beyond on Blu-Ray when the disc hits stores November 1.

Dirk Libbey
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