What Gal Gadot Thinks About Wonder Woman's Bisexuality

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Just in case you haven't heard, some major changes recently occurred within the pages of DC Comics. In a recent issue of Wonder Woman, it came to light that Diana is actually bisexual- and that newly confirmed aspect of her character has stirred up a major debate among comic book aficionados. Gal Gadot recently decided to address the revelation regarding Diana Prince's sexuality, and she's apparently all for it -- just don't expect to see any hints of it in Wonder Woman. She explained:

It's not something we've explored [in the film]. It never came to the table, but when you talk theoretically about all the women on Themyscira and how many years she was there, then what he said makes sense. In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships. But it's not about that. She's a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.

Gal Gadot recently sat down with Variety and admitted that, while Wonder Woman does not delve into any bisexual territory for the character, she supports the creative decision. She positively acknowledged Greg Rucka's recent choice to reveal Wonder Woman as a member of the LGBT community, but stipulated that the idea never really came up during the development or production of the solo film. The movie will showcase a budding heterosexual romance between Diana and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), but beyond that there won't be any hints of love towards other men or women.

This makes plenty of sense from a narrative point of view. After all, Wonder Woman is very much a war film set firmly within the battles of WWI. Diana simply won't have time to devote all of her attention to love during that tumultuous era.

Just look at the trailer for Wonder Woman. There's a little too much chaos going on for Diana to worry about who she's dating at any given moment:

Given the DC icon's fictional history and her early years living on the all female island of Themyscira, Gal Gadot can completely understand why DC would reveal that aspect of Diana Prince's character. At her core, Wonder Woman is someone who sees the best in people, and she has the ability to love anyone in any capacity. In that regard, it's not outside the realm of possibility for the DCEU incarnation of the heroine to experience feelings of lust and love towards other women.

So while Wonder Woman won't explore Diana Prince's newly broadened sexuality, the folks behind the film have definitely started to embrace the idea. This means that we could very well see a live-action LGBT Wonder Woman on the silver screen someday; we will just have to wait and see. Gal Gadot will take center stage as Diana of Themyscira when Wonder Woman debuts on June 2, 2017.

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