People go to the movies to experience thrills and chills, and few types of films have consistently managed to thrill audiences quite like the horror genre. From slashers, to ghosts, to creepy clowns, movie monsters have remained a constant fixture on the silver screen over the years, scaring and entertaining crowds every step of the way. With this spooky genre currently experiencing a serious renaissance, we can expect plenty of new horror franchises to pop up in the near future.

That being said, with so many awesome horror franchises out there, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of projects. To help you horror fans out, we have compiled a handy guide of some of the most iconic horror series of all time to provide all of the greatest updates related to the most beloved monster movies. Check out our guide to see the latest news concerning your horror favorite series.


Often considered the first real slasher franchise, John Carpenter's Halloween has endured for decades because of its iconic musical score, as well as its perfect monster in the form of knife-wielding maniac, Michael Myers. Rob Zombie rebooted the series in 2007, and we haven't seen much of Mr. Myers since Halloween II in 2009. However, it was recently revealed that Blumhouse has tapped John Carpenter to executive produce a new installment some time in the near future. The upcoming reboot and/or sequel does not yet have a story, a director, or even a release date, but we expect to see Michael Myers butchering babysitters some time within the next few years.

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