Wesley Snipes Really Wants In On A Blade Reboot, Here's What He Said

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe rendering the original Blade trilogy pointless, and with Netflix serving as an effective home for the more mature part of the MCU, a reboot of the vampire flavored franchise seems eventual. Even better is the fact that, if Marvel wanted, they could use previous leading man Wesley Snipes all over again, as he's made it abundantly clear that he still wants to return to the role of the infamous Daywalker.

At random, Snipes took to his Twitter feed, and posted the following message yesterday: 


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Of course, as Wesley Snipes specified in his follow-up tweet, the decision to bring Snipes back to the fold is Marvel's to make. And if we were Marvel Studios, we'd seriously be considering some sort of limited return to the role by Snipes himself. The main reason being, because he's kept himself in such good shape that it's a viable possibility to see the man return to the role of Blade for the first time after 2004's Blade Trinity. Putting the experience of that sub-par entry in the series aside, when Wesley Snipes was at his height as Blade, he completely crushed the role, both in his sarcastic / commanding delivery, as well as the demanding physicality the role possessed. But then again, trying to put out the experience of that last movie, particularly Snipes' behavior on set, is something that's not as easy as one would think.

It's remembering the nightmare stories told by co-star Patton Oswalt that probably have Marvel Studios pondering the search for a brand new actor to take the Blade franchise to a new start. Not to mention, no matter how good Wesley Snipes may look at 53, his age still puts the franchise's future on a ticking clock if he returns. At this point, for the sake of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future, it may be more prudent to find a new, younger actor to take the reins for an extended period of time, rather than casting Snipes and having to worry about recasting him sooner than if a younger actor took the role. Still, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can still make Terminator Genisys in his mid-60's, then there's hope for a new Wesley Snipes installment of Blade yet. 

Obviously, the possibility of Wesley Snipes returning to the Blade saga is much like that sword from Blade II with the trick handle – it needs to be approached with caution. While the fans may demand it, and Snipes himself fueling said demand, there is the future of the franchise to consider. If there was any sort of shakeup that was to be made to the cast, now would be the logical time to do so, as enough time has passed between the last incarnation of Blade and the present day that the world is ready for a new variant. Though seeing as the property isn't one of Marvel's priorities as of late, it looks like Wesley Snipes has a bit of a wait on his hands before anything develops. Let's just hope that if he gets his wish, he doesn't pull another Blade Trinity style performance on set. 

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