When a movie is successful, it's common practice for studios to consider sequels. This process usually also includes increasing the budget of the follow-up, but that's not always a successful plan. While it makes sense that more money can potentially mean putting more of whatever people liked into the new movie, often it results in a movie becoming bloated with unnecessary material that also buries what people loved.

Bigger doesn't always mean better. Do you hear that Deadpool 2? Here are a few times when sequels tried to give audiences more, but instead just gave them a complete mess.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

The bomb-on-a-bus movie Speed starred an unknown Sandra Bullock and a first-time action star in Keanu Reeves and was made for a fairly modest $30 million. The sequel didn't have Keanu, but somehow it still cost five times more money to produce. It went on to make half the money of the original at the box office. It's unlikely that anybody who did go to see it did so because it was bigger. If it had been made for the same money as the first, it would have been a profitable endeavor, if not as successful as the original.

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